Welcome to Utah State University's - Home Use Program

Utah State University has teamed up with OnTheHub.com (Kivuto) to distribute software and software licenses to faculty, staff, & students for use on personal computers. Access to software is determine by groups within USU's Banner system (student, staff, & faculty).

To purchase and download software, Sign In using your A-Number and strong password.

Software purchased through onthehub.com is licensed for personal use and may not be installed on University-owned systems.

Please note that the pricing provided on this site is made available exclusively through an agreement between Utah State University and select software publishers.

University employee's desiring to purchase software for University-owned systems may visit the
USU - Software Licensing Online Store.
For confirmation of our contractual relationship with Utah State University for this service, please see this USU webpage: http://it.usu.edu/hup